You Can Do It Project

Project Number: 2010-1-DE2-GRU06-047401
The project has been funded with the support of the European Commission´s Grundtvig Programme.

You can do it! - New perspectives for women to have own businesses


The aim of the You Can Do It Partnership is the exchange of experiences in start-up and management practices as well as creative work methods in crafts & trade at a transnational level; it brings these two aspects together and supports self-entrepreneurship of disadvantaged women in an innovative way. 
Targeted women should get new opportunities of creating self-entrepreneurship using their creative skills for incidental earnings and through the flexible time get a better work life balance.

The project bases on two components: Component 1 includes activities offering information and practical support on micro-business start ups. Component 2 deals with encouragement of “creative heads”.

Component 1 will be fulfilled through seminars offering technical support how to start up. Therefore 6 project meetings will be organized with involvement of learners.

The first day of each meeting is dedicated to national start-up information, where experts will provide consultancy and guidance how to set up micro-businesses (management, financial requirements,legislation frameworks, etc).

The second day of the meetings will be planned for small workshops (Component 2),where the national and international learners will participate in the “creative café” which will be organized for an exchange of skills and competences in the field of crafts & trade.

Each partner who will organize a meeting will invite disadvantaged women from his region but also women who already set up micro-businesses as good practice examples.

The meetings will include also study visits to different women organizations and associations offering support.

Thanks to the face-to-face interaction of the participants during the meetings we assume an effective exchange of experiences and information among European countries.


The objectives of the You Can Do It Partnership are:

a) Support of women by self-entrepreneurship training with information given by experts in the one-day-seminars.

The first part of the seminar will include information about management, financial and legal requirements. The second part of the seminar will show a good practice example of a successful self-entrepreneur.

This female entrepreneur will present her way of creating micro-business, she will speak about her challenges and difficulties but also about her business success.

At the end of the seminar there will be place for thematic discussion and for further questions of participants.

Target groups are learners from each partner organization, but the seminar will be open for each interested person.

The good practice should give an example of success story and should motivate women to start her businesses.

The seminars will be an integral part of the international meetings. One additional day will be for the general project management.

b) Offer workshop for women in disadvantaged position.

The workshop will be also an integral part of the international meetings and will be organized on the second day.

The workshop aims the exchange of creative competences and skills of women in the field of crafts&trade.

We will invite women who are active in creative field (photography, embroidery, glass painting, work with textile, design, etc.) and offer them a place for exchange of skills and competences and show the outcomes of their creative work if there are already any (maybe already at home prepared).

 If there are no previous products, the workshop will give the opportunity to create and work together with the international learners.

We will create an atmosphere of “creative café” giving beside creative work also place for small talk, exchange of life-experiences and talk about challenges with likely themselves.

The workshop and its outcomes will be captured on photos.

This kind of publicity of the idea of “creative café” should participants give a motivation and reputation in the society.

The photos and products made during the workshops will be collected, uploaded to the website; and in the final meeting there will be a photo exhibition and a “market of cultures” with products of the international learners.

The third day of the international meeting will be for study visits to different women organizations and associations in the particular country.


The project allows partners from different countries to put their experience and expertise together.

The partnership enables the exchange of methods and adoption of new strategies to support women.

The partnership will broaden the experience of staff and learners in different cultures and enabling greater understanding, tolerance and social cohesion.

The learners will reinforce their awareness of the strength of European unity as a necessity rather than an ideal and that individual contribution is foremost in achieving this aim.

The products of the creative workshops will be presented and proove cultural diversity in Europe.


a) Thanks to the transnational collaboration and the planned seminars, workshops and study visits learners will get wider perspective of self-entrepreneurship. Furthermore the learners of each institution directly benefit from new ideas and given background information. The international visits and the exchange of experiences of the actors involved in the Learning partnership foster their non-formal learning in an intercultural environment.

b) The impact on the participating organisations can be measured especially concerning the enlargement of their European network.

c) Through the website and the dissemination of good practices on the project topic, but also through the community based project activities, through the involvement of local representatives of women organization and association the project activities (seminars, workshops, study visits) will have an impact on the local communities of partners’ organizations.


Because of the increasing number of female unemployment in Europe (from 7.9% to 9.3%, Eurostat 2008/2009) the You Can Do It project will look for opportunities for women to convert their creative competences and skills into monetary outcome and in the same time balance work and life.

The seminars and workshops and study visits in the partner countries should give the opportunity for exchange and will offer a platform for discussion.

To foster the moblity of learners and raise their intercultural expertise is one of the main goals during the project life-time.

Thanks to the project all participants will be able to take new educational pathways that will help them to develop their creative activities.

You Can Do It partners - DE, HU, CZ, TR, BG, IT, LT, EE

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