Always hobby! All my dresses are ’Irinas’! All jewelries made with personal touch! - 6th of June, Wednesday (interview)

Interview with Palanyi Irina, the handcraft jewelry artist!

B.K: Irina, what brought you here to  this buyers-day, which also happens to  be the last event of the ’women handicraft artist from Europe' meeting?

P.I:  Together with my girlfriend, we always endeavour to find newer things in our lives.I have a friend who does not create anything by her own hand, but simply passes on to me the work that she could not handle herself.she informed me about this programme and thought that this is a right programme for me. I am also working on these similar ideas and hence could not be present continuously in the meetings.

B.K: May be today coud turn out to be a more useful day?

P.I: I made sure I spared some time for today's programme and I do hope that I donot get into trouble which would result in me being fired. But I do hope that I made the right decision.

B.K: How long have you been involved in the handicraft art?

P.I: Right from my Childhood days. I come from a poor family where in i have to quickly learn to solve all the small niggles within my own power as well as use my two hands to perfection.The handicarft art works well when a person desists uniformity and i was blessed with a very creative surrounding and for instance I was involved in stitching baby dolls too during those days!

B.K: Where did you grow up?

P.I: In Unraine at the dnyper delta country side where we are blessed with  two seacoast as our border , Azovi and the black sea which makes it feel like a borderless country side.

B.K: Since when have you been living in Hungary?

P.I: Since 1988 , Got married to a Hungarian in Ukraine and later we shifted our base to Hungary.

B.K: Do you consider your handicraft work as a hobby?

P.I: I had considered it always as hobby even till date .I do not like to deal with plastics as i feel plastic is simply a plastic good only for making bottles , Flowers etc etc., But definitely a brilliantly crafted jewelry is a different ballgame altogether!

B.K: Please let us know about the raw material that you would like to work with. 

P.I: Cheaper stones , Crystal or even with glass. For example here is the Tekla pearl which is an expensive item and also I ususally work with argonite. I frequently visit market places and exhibitions where one could purchase these raw materials and also i have identified over the years buyers whom i could trust and buy from them. Here , each and every jewlries what you see here are unqiue pearls in their own way.

B.K: They are indeed Beautiful!

P.I : where i came from happens to be a sea port, and we have always dressed to stand out as unique in the crowd !So in crafting jewelries , i believe in adding uniquneness with a very personal touch!

B:K: Are you of the opinion that if one wants to take this hobby as business , they need to travel to each and every market place , personally meet the buyers , give them personal consult , or accept their unique ideas to make an end product?

P.I: It couls also work !  But it works better for me when someone send their full frontal picture should they like to order from me a jewelry!nevertheless during the course of a personal meet discussion too, I could judge the personality of the person and decide on the Jewelry that would  suit them better.

B.K: So you do recognise the buyer”s personality somehow during the course of the meet?

P.I: Yes , by God”s Grace ! I have always liked to deal with people and  even I have never liked to dress up with no uniqueness! My Dresses have always been ’ Irina”s ’ !I have a grilfriend who never liked jewelries , but now she proudly wears mine!

B.K: Still don”t you get a feeling that you are doing this hobby as a business?

P.I: No, Casue i have not sold any of my work in a business Way!

B.K:  But have you tried doing that?

P.I: Yes , i did. But did not succeed in finding a buyer ! They accept as a gift , but buying is a different story !I tell them softly and with politeness about the price as 12,000 Fts , but still they do not buy !Nevertheless you have got to understand that these Jewelries  are made from cultured pearls and argonites !

B.K: They seem to bee expensive Jewelries!

P.I: Yes, indeed they are expensive and feels like silver ! After a little calculation , i found that at least 1500 fts could be considered as my work cost as I do a lot of testing and checking of the jewelry for their quality , integrtiy as well as to check whether they roatate well enough or test for their tightness etc before giving them out as a gift.

B.K: So you really concentrate on the quality aspect!

P.I: Definitely ! These jewelries what you see here were made five years before and the person still wears it every day! Even if i sell these for an expensive price , I am sure that the buyer is paying for its Quality!

B.K: Have you thought about your presence in Internet and Online Marketing?

P.I: I have tried it for the past 4-5 years which resulted people plagiarising my ideas!

B.K : But you could try displaying only a couple of your work in the internet  and then over a personal meeting could show the prospective buyer your entire collection!

P.I: I have no idea as to how a to make a webpage and guess it would be very expensive to request a company to do it! Guess even starting a business is a costly affair these days! But i would try more!

B.K: Have you heard about Meska?

P.I: I just heard about them here on Friday , But did not have the time to browse throught their page to exactly undertsand how it works!

B.K: Guess you ahve learnt about one more new avenue to display your wares?

P.I: Yes and i alway try to collect new information and i always feel myself like a sponge in collecting information. I am happy to be here and thanks for the opportunity.

B.K: I am indeed pleased too to get to know a a ’real sponge’ which is definitely not made of plastic. Thank you very much for the interview!

Irina's jewelries

Report by: Katalin Balogh
Translation by: Kasibabu Krishnamoorthy
Notars (Womanmate) Foundation Volunteers
Handicrafts Women European Meeting in Budapest - 3-7 June, 2012
You can do it! - New perspectives for women to have own businesses

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