Attention! Mother and children! Got good news for you all! - 5th June, Tuesday (report)

There are dolls being crafted these days which could be used for playing with 3 year old children without safety worries and other tensions! Andras Adel creates such baby dolls and toys which has truly have stood the test of time! Though her original profession is designing furniture and she is a graduate at that, she still loves to make dolls which stands out as her true passion.

Adel started her passion even during her childhood, but eventually returned to her passion after the birth of her children. She did not feel any risk when she put her first doll onto the internet portal and look for the reaction created! The reaction was indeed phenomenal as she sold her first doll the next day! Then came the thought process that it is indeed risk free to think on this venture as a full time profession. Since then there has been no turning back and she gets these days unique orders like dolls with blonde hair, or polka dot dressed dolls. She also gets orders for hats , caps or handbags as accessories which further boosted the business!

Of course the main requirement comes for Easter Rabbit or for Christmas Angels and more important is that these work of art is not only popular among prospective mothers and children , but also amongst male buyers and prospective fathers too!

The biggest value for these dolls not only arise from their uniqueness, but also from the natural materials used in crafting them which could also be hand washed and they have all been quality assured products from official quality assurance government organisation.

The buyers circle is constantly evolving and of course there are many return buyers who have informed Adel that their children sleep only with Adel’s dolls or go with them to thweir creche! These dolls are passed on from generation to generation or even a newly born baby ahve their longing to have their own doll!

Adel’s products could be purchased at ( portal.

Report by: Farkas Marta
Translation by: Kasibabu Krishnamoorthy
Notars (Womanmate) Foundation Volunteers

Handicrafts Women European Meeting in Budapest - 3-7 June, 2012
You can do it! - New perspectives for women to have own businesses

You can do it  - Andras Adel - 5 June, 2012

You can do it  - Andras Adel - 5 June, 2012

You can do it  - Andras Adel - 5 June, 2012

You can do it  - Andras Adel - 5 June, 2012

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