Do you want to know the positive influence metal allergy had on some one? - 5th June, Tuesday (report)

This allergic reaction to metal exactly propelled Schneider Erika towards a new life, a life towards handicrafts and applied arts involving metals inspite of being allergic to them and not being able to wear the hand jewelleries that she had purchased in her lifetime. As you are all well aware of the fact – without jewelry life does not feel like one good life. This goaded her and strengthened her resolve to prepare her first non allergic jewelry!

Initially the family and friends benefited from her exciting endeavour and later came the first orders which paved way towards recognition and popularity owing to her excellent work of Art and her dedication towards her work.

Her primary profession is tailoring which she does even now in her day to day work. She got infected by the urge to do brilliant handcarfts and applied arts when her mother taught her about embroidery and stitiching based on Kalocsai techniques! She did not really idle even during her school times when she managed to stich a couple of pullovers which rightly proved to be a good source of income for a student like her.

After stitching came the new passion, the jewelry making which are unique piece of art not only owing to their non allergic properties, but every piece of jewelry are unique in their own way! What inspires her? Guess the life, the moment and its feeling! She always carries around with her a piece of paper and pencil and always sketches whatever touches her with inspiration! The jewelries are generally made of pearls as well as various natural minerals in differnt colors which could also be found in her students work of art whom she teaches over the weekend thereby passing on the knowledge.

She has been involved in this work of art for the past 3 Years and have also achieved about 600 satisfied visitors in the portal ( where she displays her produts and guess this success is not without a reason! You could also find her work of art at Petofi Csarnok Handicraft Center twice in a year during Autumn and Spring!

Report by: Farkas Marta
Translation by: Kasibabu Krishnamoorthy 
Notars (Womanmate) Foundation Volunteers 

Handicrafts Women European Meeting in Budapest - 3-7 June, 2012
You can do it! - New perspectives for women to have own businesses

You can do it  - Schneider Erika - 5 June, 2012

You can do it  - Schneider Erika - 5 June, 2012

You can do it  - Schneider Erika - 5 June, 2012

You can do it  - Schneider Erika - 5 June, 2012

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