How do one develop, communicate effectively and market handicarft products successfully over the Internet? - 5th June, Tuesday (report)

The main theme on the third day of the Budapest meeting revolved around online marketing and the online practices in Hungary. Prior to the professional discussion, the handicraft artists from other countries made their way to Vasarcsarnok to discover unique produts and work of art that could be found there. Our domestic participants familiarised themselves with other work of art right from embroidered table cover to home made sausages!

I accompanied the German visitors to their visit to Vasar csarnok and I could find even Hungarian handicraft artists amongst them. They simply loved the home made pogacsa and also the pastries made of plum and poppy seeds for their breakfast which we had sitting on one of the stair case. During our tour inspecting one of the floors filled with fine art produts, we wonderd how less time we get in our lives to do such a kind of visit to a csarnok and do actual shopping as our own handicrafts profession consumes all the time and the energy that we have in a day! But indeed this is our loved profession through which we earn our  living!

Online marketing  and own webpage would help us immensely, though sometimes there is not even enough time to even refresh the page with our new offerings. We feel there is a strong need for an artisitc work shop like environment even in the internet which gives us the immense pleasure , the experience and satisfies our creative juice during the browse.

This requriement and longing is being satisfied in Hungary by whose slogan symbolises : With our own hands, with our heart and soul !

It is indeed true that at a minimum cost meska brings together the unique handicrafts artists and their products and the buyers together in one portal where the individual preference and liking is very much satisfied. This value is reflected in their various offerings in their webshop with varied search options to zoom in onto our requirement right from animal clothing to finding socks and also products could be searched with color options and the main crux of the matter is that we could find whatever we need to staisfy our creative needs in one portal.

The name Meska is also an unique finding which is not an shortened version of any word. In fact originated exactly in the reverse order!  Meska symbolises all types, unique and self hand made artisitc expressions! Even I was reminded of Mezeskalacs from the name Meska.

Meska was represented by Ms. Porst Réka who is also the founder developer of the Meska portal and of the opinion that online marketing is not about future, but firmly it is a clear and present option. The participants made the discussions about the portal more intersting and informative with their various professional queries about the working of the portal and its features and characteristics. Various questions were aimed at artists who are diplaying at Meska and more on the artists who were prestent at the meeting.

The products which are being displayed in the portal were also brought by the visitors which inspired the partcipants which made our foreign visitors very curious about their profession, their selling experience and their history .

Report by: Balogh Katalin
Translation by: Kasibabu Krishnamoorthy
Notars (Womanmate) Foundation Volunteers

Handicrafts Women European Meeting in Budapest - 3-7 June, 2012
You can do it! - New perspectives for women to have own businesses

You can do it  - Meska - 5 June, 2012

You can do it  - Meska - 5 June, 2012

You can do it  - Meska - 5 June, 2012

You can do it  - Meska - 5 June, 2012

You can do it  - Meska - 5 June, 2012

You can do it  - Meska - 5 June, 2012

You can do it  - Meska - 5 June, 2012

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