In the midst of Bicycling, she became aware of the demand exisiting for bicycle accessories! - 6th of June, Wednesday (interview)

Interview with Herba Mária, The handicraft artist from

B.K: Hello! Could you please let us know as to how did you come across information about this event?

H.M: I regularly display my products at WAMP and during our May exhibition, Sarkozy Ildiko, the curator for Notars foundation came to me and enquired about my willingness to participate in this conference, talk about the products, share about the methods used to create and as well to share my experience on my marketing strategies to make them popular.

B.K : Could you please elaborate on the  questions that you received from the participants which you  would have answered satisfcatorily and did you get time to speak to the particpants personally either yesterday or today?

H.M: I was here only for a short duration yesterday and spoke about the present and the future happenings, introduced my work , spoke about the present positon in the market for my product as well as about the assistancs that I recieve in my business.

B.K: Do you feel you could recieve ideas and information from the other participants that would prove useful  through a meaningful interaction?

H.M: I have no doubt in mind about that fact!

B.K: How is your business  faring these days and how do you endeavour to market your products as well as how do you simply manage the entrepreneurial life?

H.M: I have taken a little casual attitude towards my Product owing to the birth of our son an year back which has changed our  lives considerably and i am on my way back towards serious business. I feel we have a very bright future and our initiatives would work effectively provided  we employ intelligent practices like effectively advertising in the online market , being constantly present in the Facebook pages.No doubt that I have to  very seriously involve myself  in this aspect of the business.

B.K: How  about Management?

H.M: It is just not about creating our products , but more depends also on an effective management of our product awareness whereby buyers continuously encounter our produts in various forums.we had difficulties in this front recently owing to the economic crisis which has resulted in our turnover falling by a third compared to  what we had three years before at WAMP.

B.K: When your idea germinated about the Bicycle accessories , were you totally confident that this product would have a good  demand owing  to many people traveling by bicycles these days?

H.M: Yes , Indeed. When we embarked on this idea , we felt that there was this new passion for bicycling and environmentally conscious living  emerging in Hungary.

B.K: Did this business choice also originated from your own needs and interests?

H.M: Absolutely correct! I am a regular bicycle rider and i did have the urge for having a nice bicycle bag that adds beauty and harmony to my bicycle which i can use proudly to travel to my work place.

B.K: And you became aware that this could be a good business model creating bicycle accessories?

H.M: Yes and indeed true!

B.K: Could you please share with us as to what helps you effectively , your presence in WAMP or online marketing when it comes to selling your product?

H.M: I believe still it would  be the personal contact where the buyer gets to hold the product , feel the product and even if they do not buy immediatley at the WAMP , they are still aware that it could be bought online.I believe that two forms of selling mutually support and complement each other.So, someone  from the comforts of their home could have the time to decide on the purchase of a particular product through online which they got introduced to at the WAMP!

B.K: Could you please elaborate as to what would be your biggest obstacle off late and which area of your business needs more development? You had said that, It is Crisis time now!

H.M:The biggest development should happen in our constant and effective internet presence, in the facebook as well as working together menaingfuly with other bloggers. I need to think more on the  ways and means of making our product more cost effective and cheaper to buy.

B.K: Good Luck on your successful return to business life and good work ahead

H.M: Thank you very much ! - Maria Herbai

Report by: Katalin Balogh
Translation by: Kasibabu Krishnamoorthy
Notars (Womanmate) Foundation Volunteers
Handicrafts Women European Meeting in Budapest - 3-7 June, 2012
You can do it! - New perspectives for women to have own businesses

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