Mindboggling poisoning in the bathroom! Sweeped everything into the cleaning bucket! - 6th of June, Wednesday (interview)

Interview with Kovesdi Zsuzsa, a handicraft artist and owner of szappanvolgy.hu

B.K: What should we need to know  about szappanvolgy and its products?

K.Zs: We create homemade soaps out of natural materials and we never use synthetic coloring or aroma in our products.We make our produts out of things that i collect from everywhere, let us say  from kitchen or from the market or some raw materials available in the natural surroundings. I seriously started dirving myself in this directio when I came to understand about the horrible poisonous materials that are existing in our bathrooms!

B.K: Yes indeed you are so right!

K.Zs: when someone has indeed strived hard to keep clean and achieve harmony in their kitchen where they could move around peacefully, then they are faced with the shock of their bathroom poisoning which makes sure that nothing stays in the bathroom as everything falls around it even if we clean! Then we feel the need to think on the alternative ideas for the bathroom!

B.K: I did a big cleaning of the bathroom very recently and the gargabe liner was filled with stuff !

K.Zs: Me too! I did the same thing and just sweeped everything inside away into a cleaning bucket and threw it away! When the bathroom was totally empty, I really started thinking on the material with which i am going to wash my hair , my face, what face pack I am going to use and came into the realisation that I have nothing left! Ha! Ha!

B.K: But you were indeed left with a good feeling, right?

K.Zs: Yes, indeed!

B.K: Guess then and there started your szappanvolgy idea?

K.Zs: Firstly I started by buying these alternative solutions to my bathroom , but later learnt to make myself the soaps as well as various creams which was a starter and took care of  the family needs !I have been busing these soaps for a long time and managed to learn the techniques to make them when my curiosity urged me to make my own soap.

B.K: Where did you learn?

K.Zs: In Budapest in  a Place where they teach this  technique!

B.K: So you did really go to soap making expert?

K.Zs: No, it was not form a soap expert! One day i happen to get a leaflet about some ’waldorf School’ where they are holding such an introduction to soap making!I attended the same and i really liked it and from that day on started making on my own !  But i had too many questions inside me about the whole process as to why this is like this , why not like that ? and thought many things are missing!Then i registered myself into a soap making course where in i successfully completed the art of soap  making.

B.K: How long did it take ?

K.Zs: It was for about six Saturdays but it was up to me as to when and how I wanted to do the course! I really learnt well from the practical course and also learnt from other's experiences.

B.K: Last but not the least, How long did it take to reach from the learnig phase to business phase?

K.Zs: In my case it was a bit faster owing to some ugly changes that happened in my personal life last autumn and i decided that i would have to take this hobby to a very serious next level rather than just taking care of  family and friend's needs.

B.K: Gues within a year you were able to make that transition from hobby to business?

K.Zs: May be a bit shorter! As soap is considered to be a cosmetic product, one had to go through very serious procedures to get permits to sell. One cannot just decide one day and take your product into the market and start selling!

B.K: Guess you successfully overcame this obstacle too!

K.Zs: yes , But took some months to deal with papers, official authorities etc.!

B.K:  was it worth your while?

K.Zs: I have got  some way to go to make it into a real money spinning machine, but guess I get real happiness to sepak to people about my porducts and make them understand about the aspects of healthy living! but someone who knows about this knows where and how to find the products that they need!

B.K: How do you sell your soaps?

K.Zs: I am present in the internet, but i do believe in personal touch in the sale.when i am there personally , I am able to present my personalilty next to my product and offer my professional know  how which soothes a buyer and they buy without doubt! after that they know where to find me and share their experiences! that really feels good to me!

B.K: What do you need to do more, develop more so that you feel financially secure?

K.Zs: Wow ! I need to do a lot, mainly in the aspect of marketing! I need to learn a lot about the online marketing as well as be there present in all the market place more frequently!

B.K: Have you ever attended conferences like this one before?

K.Zs: Yes! Recently I was in a business start up training conference. Here I am taking part as a exhibitor, but would have loved to attend the conference too!

B.K: Did these conferences proved helpful to you?

K.Zs: Yes , But I got to sow more in my grassroot level to really take advanatge of these conferences.

B.K: Thanks for talking to me and wish you a very good work ahead!

Szappanvolgy - Zsuzsa Kovesdi

Report by: Katalin Balogh
Translation by: Kasibabu Krishnamoorthy
Notars (Womanmate) Foundation Volunteers
Handicrafts Women European Meeting in Budapest - 3-7 June, 2012
You can do it! - New perspectives for women to have own businesses

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