The Real Wool Lovers from Germany – 6th of June, Wednesday (interview)

Csilla, who can really call herself a  real wool lover is of Hungarian origin , but lives in Germany for almost 24 years now. Right from her childhood days she has shown extreme interest in handicraft activities, for example stitching and sewing. This urge is further proved by the fact that she presented her mother with an embroidered table top cover at a very young age of six as a Christmas gift.

She first got introduced to the wollen material at the age of 10 where in she became totally interested  and committed  towards items crafted out of wool.

 ’Right from that day on , I spend all my free time in my small workshop working on my small sewing machine  dealing with various forms of stitching and sewing based on Woolen material.

My business works mainly based on the online marketing through my web page and also I have my own blog which further enables wide reach for my products amongst the customers. In this modern 21st Century it feels like running my own business empire. More over I do personally present my products in the market by attending shoppers fair and exhibiting my products.But I have two limitations when it comes to participating in the exhibitions. Firstly, Since I am doing this business all alone, I had to carry the entire display materials as well as products and then place it for exhibit all by myself.  Secondly , Since these are outdoor  selling , it totally depends on the existing weather conditions like  rains or the wind  which blows off the bazaar atmosphere !In the near future , I would definitely like to manage my own webshop where i sincerely hope that I could sell more effectively.

I am happy to share the fact that through this particular event ,  I recieved wonderful momentum towards the direction of the webshop and online marketing as well as I have been showered with positive signs about my endeavours which has given me a real moral boost. I am really happy to have taken part in this event and also meet the other women participants who work in similar trade.I have no doubt in my mind that this event would be a real success as it has paved way to recognise each other’s talent and resulted in offering support to each other”s initiatives.’

Apart from her handicrafts business , Csilla works as a mechanical Engineer and in her personal opinion , she became much more successful in all her endeavours  when she decided to move away from her husband who was a proving to be a impediment in her path towards success.
We are really Happy that , Csilla found the real love of her life and therey she feels complete in her professional  life.

You can do it - Csilla from Germany

You can do it - Csilla from Germany

You can do it - Csilla from Germany

You can do it - Csilla from Germany

Report by: Agnes Lendvai
Translation by: Kasibabu Krishnamoorthy
Notars (Womanmate) Foundation Volunteers
Handicrafts Women European Meeting in Budapest - 3-7 June,
2012 You can do it! - New perspectives for women to have own businesses

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