Workshop about preparedness and abilites of an entrepreneur - 4th June, Monday (report)

The second day of the conference did involve in some serious work for the participants and the serious day's work was preceded by a very pleasant visit to the Gellert Thermal Bath. They arrived with serious intent ready for their day's endeavours to the Raday utca Restaurant location where the hosts had already prepared for  the day's workshop events. The real day's events theme was for handicarft artists from different countries to share their experiences with each other and also discuss on the possibilities of  being a successful enterpreneur.

The day's workshop evolved from predetermined responsibilities, but still in a very informal coffee house atmosphere that the partciapants could enjoy at the Ibis Hotel's Breakfast Lounge.

Joo Zsuzsanna,  being an enterpreneur herself  and a  career adviser and Notars (Womanmate) Foundation president, started the day by paving the direction for an invaluable and friendly share of experience and ideas. Handicraft artists from 8 different countries numbering between 25-30 people discussed and shared their strength and weakness and their practical experience in a very informal coffee table atmosphere.

The main topics revolved around how to convert an hobby into a business venture, difference between knowledge and ability and  the external and internal conditions that shape the path towards entrepreneurship.

Needless to mention participants from different countries brought their own behavioural culture as well as their own economic situation and it was interesting to observe the presentation of  the German delegation sharing their precise and important knowledge on Business start up, the importance of effective management and communication and the importance about having thorough knowledge about the market condition.

The delegation from Bulgaria did agree on the points indicated by the Germans and they were of the opinion that one's product need to be very unique and of very best quality to achieve any degree of success in the market.

Meanwhile another praticipant stressed the importance of having the unflinching family's support for one's entrepreneurial success and the real importance of family standing behind during the time of duress.

Everybody seemed to understand and agree with the fact that one has to understand themselves better and their inner likings before getting knee deep into any business. Understanding oneself clearly  helps in the creativity and creating  products which one would not be ashamed of.

Apart from self management techniques and practice towards the successful entrepreneurship, one has to keep the creative juice and the inspiration flowing steadily in them to keep the project going. This was discussed in much detail as how to keep our soul and enthusiasm intact.

During the course of our Lunch at one of the Raday utca Restaurant, Partcipants spoke enthusiastically about how inspiring it was for them to meet the participants from other countries and observe their success and their handi work which inspired them and egged them on to do much better. They were also inspired to learn about other culture and the joy of discovering each other's abilities.

Report by: Balogh Katalin
Translation by: Kasibabu Krishnamoorthy
Notars (Womanmate) Foundation Volunteers

Handicrafts Women European Meeting in Budapest - 3-7 June, 2012
You can do it! - New perspectives for women to have own businesses

You can do it  - Workshop - 4 June, 2012

You can do it  - Workshop - 4 June, 2012










You can do it  - Workshop - 4 June, 2012

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